Kathy’s writing is poignant and to the point. She’s got an eye for detail and an ear for language. She’s written a number of sports columns for us and always comes through like a champ. Her knowledge is unassailable. — Dennis Whitton, Sports Editor, Lowell Sun


Kathy is a skilled technical writer and much more. She can move easily from writing to editing to quality assurance to data analysis. She is a strategic thinker and always keeps the big-picture goals in mind so that she can question current ways of doing things if they do not support those goals. Kathy is also a valued team member who knits the group together. She has an excellent sense of humor and fun and injects it into the work when appropriate. She has an enviable network and always knows whom to ask when questions arise. Kathy is a pleasure to work with. — Michelle Orloff, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard


Kathy has an amazing ability to balance a big-picture approach with meticulous attention to detail, solve problems, and adapt to scope or schedule changes as they occur.  She maintains excellent relationships with clients and co-workers and produces work that is always technically accurate and of the highest quality.  She is truly remarkable and would be an asset to any project. — Danielle Levy, Program Manager, nSight, Inc.

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